Man Code

Grown men live by principles.
If you haven't seriously thought about your belief system, now is the time.
Just as you've clarified business and financial goals, you must adhere to a standard of conduct that informs your thoughts and actions.
Without character strength, your ambitions will go unrealized.
Below are my Commandments for Manhood. This is only a guide. Create your own, honoring your masculinity.
  • I’m dominant.
  • I have direction in life.
  • I’m a leader.
  • I assert my beliefs.
  • I’m responsible.
  • I command respect.
  • My time is valuable.
  • I’m self-sufficient.
  • I’m ambitious.
  • I achieve my goals.
Ok, it's your turn. Get to work!
Be a powerful man, live by principles.
Your success depends on it.


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